Where does gender equality fit into the Budget?

Professor Jennifer Curtin and Dr Suzy Morrissey
May 31st 2019

“The University of Auckland’s Jennifer Curtin and Suzy Morrissey discuss how gender differences might impact the Government’s budget priorities”

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Gender Budgeting: A Useful Approach for Aotearoa New Zealand

Suzy Morrissey (PPI Research Associate and GRAB-NZ Expert Advisor)
New Zealand Treasury Working Paper 18/02
April 2018

“Gender budgeting provides a way of analysing government expenditure and fiscal policy to promote gender equality. It can take many forms in practice including analysis of budget allocations, the structure of fiscal policies, expenditure tracking and  monitoring systems to identify gender bias, whether explicit or implicit. It is generally understood that to ensure success such initiatives should be supported by both government and civil society.”

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