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Prioritising a National Women’s Health & Wellbeing Strategy & Action Plan

Sarah Hendrica Bickerton, Jennifer Curtin, and the Gender Justice Collective

A gender analysis brief outlining the case for National Women’s Health & Wellbeing Strategy.

In 2020 a group of individuals and organisations committed to a vision for Aotearoa as a place of leadership in gender equity established the Gender Justice Collective (GJC). One of the GJC’s goals was to remind political parties of the need to address the diversity of women’s issues in their campaigns. Evidence was gathered via the GJC’s nationwide #YouChoose2020 survey to identify the election issues that were of most concern to women and non-binary persons in Aotearoa.

Read the brief here.

A Review of Gender Differences in Retirement Income

Yanshu Huang and Jennifer Curtin

A research report prepared for the Commission for Financial Capability’s Review of Retirement Income Policy, July 2019

The presence of a Gender Pension Gap (GPG) is evident internationally as well in New Zealand (Burkevica, Humbert, Oetke, & Paats, 2015; OECD, 2017a). While the gaps vary widely across countries, nowhere has the gap closed completely. This is of concern for a number of reasons.

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Relationship Status’ and the Welfare System in Aotearoa New Zealand

Child Poverty Action Group & Public Policy Institute

A Report prepared for the Peter McKenzie Project May 2019

This report argues that New Zealand’s benefit system reflects traditional thinking about dependence on a partner and relationships within a family. However, relationships can be complex and the family unit has changed considerably in the last 60 years. Current rules can act as a disincentive for family relationship building which is good for both adults and children.

Read the report.

The Gender Justice Collective

For us, the term “gender justice” is complete equality (equal outcomes for all) and equity (equal distribution of resources, access, and opportunities) between everyone in all spheres of life.

Our vision is for Aotearoa to be a place all women are able to live in the fullness of our beings alongside those we love. We are visible, valued and celebrated. The Gender Justice Collective is an independent, non-profit network drawn from all walks of life. We are business owners, policymakers, grandmothers, sisters, mums, aunties, mana whenua, tangata whenua, tauiwi, educators, students, workers, nurses, creatives, farmers - you get the picture. Learn more about the Gender Justice Collective here.