Research Reports & Briefings

In 2019, our Gender Responsive Analysis and Budgeting researchers contributed to the Review of Retirement Income Policies (RRIP) (see Huang and Curtin, 2019, below). Our research on the gender pension gap revealed that many of the factors that contribute to the gender pay gap also impact the gender pension gap. However, career breaks to take up parenting and caring responsibilities are particularly important. Our findings were incorporated into the final RRIP Report tabled in Parliament in January 2020 (Full Report & Summary). Specifically, our conclusions on the value of care credits for women’s wellbeing in retirement was picked up and features as Recommendation 13.

Prioritising a National Women’s Health & Wellbeing

Strategy and Action Plan

Sarah Hendrica Bickerton, Jennifer Curtin, and the Gender Justice Collective

A gender analysis brief outlining the case for National Women’s Health & Wellbeing Strategy, March 2021

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A Review of Gender Differences in Retirement Income

Yanshu Huang and Jennifer Curtin

A research report prepared for the Commission for Financial Capability’s Review of Retirement Income Policy, July 2019

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Relationship status and the Welfare System in Aotearoa New Zealand

Jennifer Curtin and Olivia Healey

A Report prepared with the Child Poverty Action Group for the Peter McKenzie Project, May 2019.

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Watch: Gender Impact Analysis Policy Forum 2

Watch: Gender Impact Analysis Policy Forum 2

Advancing Equal Pay and Women’s Economic Wellbeing post-COVID19 Recorded Wed 10 June 2020 Despite the passage of the Equal Pay Act in 1972, gender pay gaps remain an intractable feature of the New Zealand labour market. Compared to their male counterparts, women on...

Watch: Gender Impact Analysis Policy Forum 1

Watch: Gender Impact Analysis Policy Forum 1

Gender Impact Analysis: Women workers and COVID-19 Wed 13 May 2020 Speakers: - Saunoamaali’i Kararina Sumeo (Equal Employment Opportunities Commissioner, Human Rights Commission) - Traci Houpapa (MNZM JP CFInstD. NACEW, and Federation of Māori Authorities) - Andrea...


The Gender Justice Collective


For five weeks, in March and April 2019, Jennifer undertook a research fellowship at the New Zealand Treasury, exploring how gender analysis could inform the regulatory, policy and systems work of central and line agencies. Many thanks to the teams who made Jennifer welcome. 

In June 2019, Prof Jennifer Curtin and research colleagues from the University of Alberta, met with government officials from the British Colombia’s Status of Women Department to discuss their gender analysis and capability building programmes.

Researchers and Contributors

Professor Jennifer Curtin

Director, Public Policy Institute

Sarah Bickerton

Research Analyst, Public Policy Institute

Dr Yanshu Huang

Research Associate, Public Policy Institute

Olivia Healey

Research Analyst, COMPASS & Public Policy Institute